Animation Variation Aggravation

Today was definitely a trying day on my patience.  I got to class and the file I worked on all last class would not open properly.  I took 2 1/2 hours loading photos into layers with my recorded action.  That sucked in the first place.  I was dreading doing it all over again.  Now I am not a fan of my project.  It is a neat idea, but I want it to encompass too much in 10 seconds.  It’s too simple.  I am at a 91% in the class, and I need my last project to be absolutely stellar.  So I will finish this animation, and probably start on a few more.  I really need something that is mind-blowing at the very least.  If anyone reads this, have any ideas?  Then again, every single one of my art projects goes through a love hate relationship.  First I love my idea.  Then I get so frustrated I hate it and want to burn it (unfortunately, these projects would require burning my computer too…) then by the end I love my project and I am happy that I went through the frustration.  I hope I get to that point soon with this one.


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