Writers Block…More Like Photoshop Block

I love my theme “Things I Have Touched”.  I scan in something I have touched at least once in that day ranging from vitamins to food to clothing.  It is a lot of fun, but I am starting to run out of things I can actually scan.  I told my husband I would have to shove his head in the scanner, he seemed none too pleased with that  responding “My head is attached!”

I also checked out some of my classmates blogs and images and I am really starting to feel inadequate with photoshop.  People are doing amazing things that I am not sure I can even hold a candle to.  Although, some of these images are definitely inspiring.  Thanks folks for being awesome.


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  1. jenniebees Said:

    Thanks for the compliment. I really enjoyed looikng at yours also. You have some great ones. I still have 4 to finish, they take sooooo long. See you Monday, Jennie

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